Thanks for visiting our Guide to Tunings and Strings We feel confident that in coming here, you will find the finest assortment of Ukulele Strings and can truly maximize both your instruments potential and your enjoyment in playing it.  Our goal is to become your trusted supplier. We started out as builders of fine ukuleles and 4- stringed guitars.  Our string offerings, in fact, come from that experience, and are based on centuries old traditions of lutherie. Our strings are formulated with fine acoustic sound in mind.  With their light construction and small bodies, strings have an incredible effect on the acoustic sound of an Ukulele.  Tension, balance and materials all factor into the equation.  There is no one answer for every instrument - no one answer for every player.  The answer is choice - a wide array of choices, in fact.  Nowhere else will you find choices like you can find with us.  You have your choice of all sorts of tunings, all sorts of tensions and all sorts of voices.  We take great pride in the fact that many of the newer tunings and set-ups being enjoyed on the Ukulele today got their start right here on the Southcoast! Our lutherie background gives us direction, but also key in our offerings is a unique set formulation process.  In the world of classical instruments, strings are often selected one by one, and are often of different materials.  They’re selected for the combination of feel, sound and the tension that suits the players style and gives the instrument it’s best response.  This is our procedure as well.  The time consuming process means months of testing go into each individual set, and often 4 different materials are found in a four string set.  As a result, we also stock a huge inventory of differing material, as opposed to those companies who use a handful at best.  We feel the end result gives us a balance in tone and feel that are unequalled and easily worth the trouble and expense.  Then we give you additional choices in the voice and amount of tension - all to give you your dream set-up.                                 ********************************************************* We also offer free newsletters for the Ukulele community.  One of these is the Southcoast Bulletin It will keep everyone up to date on new offerings, and as we are a small enterprise and will have periodic shipping moratoria it will keep customers advised of those situations.  In that way, we feel we can keep our clients well supplied. In addition to the Bulletin, we also offer e-mail editions of Southcoast String Tips.  In the ten years we have been supplying strings, it has become evident how many questions a musician will have on a wide array of topics regarding the stringing of their instrument.  The String Tips  newsletter will answer many of those questions, and also open doors to new avenues you may have never considered.  We think these letters will be a welcome addition to the Ukulele Community, and we are very pleased to be able to offer them.
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