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Thanks for visiting our Guide to Tunings and Strings.  We feel confident that in coming here, you will find the finest assortment of strings and accessories and can truly maximize your instruments potential and your enjoyment in playing it.  Our goal is to become your trusted supplier. We have a somewhat unique situation to overcome in fulfilling that goal, so a bit of explanation is necessary.  We started out as builders of fine ukuleles and 4- stringed guitars.  Our string offerings, in fact, come from that experience, and are based on centuries old traditions of lutherie.  Our enterprise was spread between Central America, where the instruments are rough built, and Louisiana where fit and finish are done.  Because of new restrictions on wood imports, we had to stop shipping our instruments and develop and prepare practically an entire new wood inventory.  With that done, we are now returning to instrument building.  What that means is that from time to time, we’ll need to travel, and the Louisiana office, where strings and accessories are shipped, will periodically be closed.  Journeys are long and arduous, from savage swampland in the north, to remote jungles in the south. We understand the needs of our loyal customers and have therefore come up with a newsletter: the Southcoast Bulletin. It will keep everyone up to date on new offerings, but its primary purpose will be to keep customers advised of any upcoming shipping morataria.  In that way, we feel we can keep our clients well supplied, while attending to our primary business. Below is a sign-up form for the Bulletin.  Issues will be few, as travel will not be all that frequent, but in addition to the Bulletin, signing up will also give you e-mail editions of Southcoast String Tips, our second e-mail newsletter. In the five years we have been supplying strings, it has become evident how many questions a musician will have on a wide array of topics regarding the stringing of their instrument.  The String Tips newsletter will answer most of those questions, and also open doors to new avenues you may have never considered.  We think these letters will be a welcome addition to the Ukulele Community, and we are very pleased to be able to offer them.
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