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First, if you are building by hand, the Spanish Heel is the most efficient way to put your instrument together.  It’s a 4,000 year old method that has produced beautiful sounding instruments since before the guitar was invented.  There are those who feel dovetail and bolt-on neck designs have improved through the years, and we don’t doubt this.  We are also not at all opposed to innovation in design, and of course understand how much easier adjusting the fit and doing the finish work is when the neck and body are separate entities. Still, whether in our Traditional construction, or with Easy Care, the Spanish Heel provides an incredibly secure foundation.  The soundbox is, in effect, assembled around the neck heel instead of the soundbox being built first and having a neck stuck on later.   With the emphasis we put on stability in our instruments, we would chose this joint even if we were using a more machine and mold oriented approach to our construction.

The Spanish Heel

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