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the Soprano Largo Ukulele (click photo to enlarge) 

Shown with Leopardwood Marquetry Headplate, Mexican Ebony Fretboard,

Macadamia Tap Plate, Yellow Cedar Soundboard, Tamarind Sides, and Mexican

Ebony Bridge and Armrest.

Woods will vary in each instrument.  See the Availability page for photos showing specific instruments. For more detail on the fittings and equipment available with the Soprano Largo model, see the Features page.
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Specifications:                                                                                                Scale: 15 inches                                                                                                Frets to the body: 15                                                                                          Total Frets: 15                                                                                                    Width at the Nut: 1 7/16 inches    
Primary Recommended Tunings: Ukulele reentrant Key of D ( a’  d’  f#’  b’ ) Ukulele reentrant Key of C ( g’  c’  e’  a’ ) Machete Ukulele Tuning (open G - one line octave - d’  g’  b’  d” )                                                                                                                           Linear Key of G (one line octave - d’  g’  b’  e” ) Cuatro reentrant Key of G ( d’  g’  b’  e’ )                                                                                                                            for more detail on tunings click below for:
In addition to the typical sound of a Southcoast, compared to a traditional Soprano, our design provides a roomier fretboard and clearer notes, especially up the fretboard.
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