If your order is late, an e-mail to us over the matter is only a last resort.  First, you must contact either USPS if they are delivering your order, or your national mail service for Canadian and International orders.  Whether your order is U.S. domestic or International, postal services do not respond to inquiries from the shipper, only from the recipient. All our shipments now have tracking numbers, so for U.S. domestic mail, use the tracking numbers when contacting USPS.  For International Orders there is an International Customs ID number beginning with the letters “UM”.  Depending on your location, one or the other of these numbers will be found on the shipping notices we send out by e-mail on the date your order leaves. For delayed / stalled / lost domestic shipments here’s what happens when you call: 1): You will be told there is no information available other than what is shown on the tracking record.  This is true, the person who you speak to only sees what you see. 2): You will be told nothing more can be done.  Our experience tells us this is not true.  They will steadfastly maintain this position, but in at least 90% of the cases where we have experience, the package will “mysteriously appear” within a few days of your call.  This leads us to believe that a trace of some sort is put out on your order (one your operator cannot guarantee will be successful), and your order almost always gets moving again. With International shipments, the situation varies by country, but referencing the LN number to your local customs and/or mail service often brings results there as well.   ***************************************** We guarantee shipment, but will not consider re-shipping before two weeks in the U.S. or three weeks for International orders.  Before that time we have found that deliveries are not being lost, but order deliveries are often erratic, and do not always arrive in the same time frame we all expected prior to 2015. Except for the holiday season, most shipments arrive in normal time frames, but inconsistencies can still occur.  We hope you understand that these instances are beyond our control, and alternate delivery services are cost prohibitive. Thanks for your Patience & Understanding!   
Shipping Rates - U.S Domestic:
Flat Fee - any order:  $3.30
Shipping Rates - Canada:
Shipping Rates - Rest of the World:
1 -3 Sets:  $US 6.00 4- 6 Sets:  $US 7.50
All Shipping Charges Added Automatically During Check-out
Slow Delivery / Lost Order?


7-12 Sets:  $US 14.25 Over 12 sets: Inquire
1 -3 Sets:  $US 5.00 4- 6 Sets:  $US 5.80
7-12 Sets:  $US 10.25 Over 12 sets: Inquire