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Standard Features (click photos to enlarge)                                      

Plain Headplate

A traditional Flamenco or Romantic design with face plate veneer.  Shown in Carbonero.

Peghed Tuners

With our long scales and the traditional feel of our designs, these tuners are a natural choice.  While they appear much like vintage wood tuners, they are in fact, geared at a ratio of 4:1.  To us, that ratio is ideal for an Ukulele.  Combine this with their being the lightest tuners of any kind, other than basic wood pegs, and we are pleased to be able to offer them as standard equipment.  Note also that a backplate veneer is standard on all natural finish necks.

Bleached Bone Nut and Saddle

We will often follow the more modern practice of using bleached domestic cow bone.  As certain shell material is permit restricted, and identification very difficult, we will not use any “marine wildlife” in our instruments.  Spanish style - we do not glue in either of these bones, making them easier to change or modify should you make substantial alterations in your stringing.

Gold Frets

This is actually an alloy called “EVO Gold” - harder than the nickel alloy used widely today, but not as hard as a stainless fret.  We feel this is an excellent material for an Ukulele, as it should be hard enough to last a lifetime.  The color goes with our traditional feel, being reminiscent of the old brass fret material.  We use thin gauges on the Soprano & Alto Largos (shown here), and standard gauges elsewhere.

Side Position Markers

We leave the front of our fretboards unmarked, and use bone dots on the sides.

Wood Purling

Traditional soundboard purling.  Thin, violin style, double line  (as shown) or single line on hardwood tops.

Wood Ring Rosettes

Simple wood line rosettes, in varied colors, with single, or multi-line patterns as well as the Portuguese style double or triple line rosette.

Hand Carved Bridge

An elegant Iberian design, hand carved, polished and oiled, in a traditional tie-on bridge.  Shown in Mexican Ebony.

Back & Side Inlay

Single or multi-line inlay dividing the book matched back and side pieces.  Please note that the body binding shown is only installed on the Lyric Baritone. 

Bone Strap Button

Our custom bone strap buttons, in both bleached and unbleached bone.  Tail end only.

Book Matched Body Woods

Tops, sides and backs are all book matched.  Shown with Granadillo.

Banjo Style Machine Tuners

These tuners are only offered on our classical 4-string Tenor Guitars where they are the standard tuner.  They are still the most common type of tuner for Banjos, and as the Tenor Guitar derived from those instruments, they were used on many of the early Tenor Guitars as well.  The look of these tuners is similar to the first friction machines used on early guitars, but they are geared, using the same 4:1 ratio we prefer on our Ukuleles.  We have changed the more modern Banjo style button to a vintage Ivoroid.
Extra Cost Features (click photos to enlarge)

Marquetry Headplate

Marquetry done in an old, largely forgotten style.  Each individual piece of the design is cut and then hand dipped in hot sand to shade the edges.  White Mahogany and Holly, among other woods, are set into a variety of headplate veneers.  Shown in Leopardwood. 

Wood Tuner Buttons

We hand make these buttons for our Peghed tuners using our tropical American woods, and then hand polish them.  They are not only are made from beautiful material, but the shape is taken directly from early Ukulele Peg design.  Then we add a bit of vintage European flair with a bone dot.  Shown in Santos Rosewood for clarity, we do these more often in Mexican or Brown Ebony.

Ebonized Headplate and Neck

Ebonized wood is an old European and early American practice used in both furniture and musical instruments.  Certain elements of a design were painted in a way to resemble ebony.  With the Renaissance and Romantic Parlor bodied guitars, this was very common on the necks, and often head stocks as well.                        for a photo of a 19th century Romantic era guitar back with ebonized neck.  Notice also the body shape - you see where the original Ukulele form came from.   

Unbleached Bone Nut & Saddle

On occasion, to add to the vintage feel on an instrument, we may use unbleached bone, hand cut from the finest offerings of the local butcher.  The color will be an off white, not the bright white of freshly bleached bone.  Spanish style - we do not glue in either of these bones, making them easier to change or modify should you make substantial alterations in your stringing.  


While enforcement is often lax, and so many are not aware, common woods used in musical instruments such as Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Ebony, and certain Rosewoods are now subject to restrictions in International trade.  As such, if they appear undocumented in your instrument, it is subject to seizure.  Southcoast Instruments are made from woods that are outside the permit restrictions, and with each Instrument, you receive a “Passport” - a declaration from us of all species in your instrument.  For more details, see our Woods page.

Arm Rest

While some players have a technique to keep their arm off the soundboard, most Ukulele players hug their instruments, covering a large portion of the small top area and substantially muffling the sound in the process.  Our arm rest not only gets your arm off the soundboard, but most will also find the rounder edge more comfortable to play.  It adheres and detaches from the side through the use of rare earth magnets.  The top surface rests only above the interior kerfing - leaving the entire soundboard free to vibrate fully.  Shown in Mexican Ebony.  $120.00

Wood Strap Button

Individually turned custom wooden strap buttons from our tropical American woods.  Tail end only.  Shown in Mexican Ebony. 

Custom Cases

The advantages we reap in building without regard to the standard size and scale formulae could become practical problems since our models will not fit easily in standard cases.  As such, we felt it imperative to offer custom cases, and they are of absolute premium quality - our own “coffin shape”, gold model, humidity controlled cases from Ameritage.  The heavy construction offers the ultimate in protection.  The coffin shape, allows for greater storage inside without extra weight.  You’ll have room enough for your arm rest and a lot more.  A back strap is also included.   from $225.00