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How we build: Southcoast Instruments are hand-built instruments.  You may have heard this term used before by some excellent small shop builders.  We actually mean it - in the truest sense of the word.  We are not just saying that expert, individual attention is given to every operation.  We are saying that almost no machinery is used in the cutting and fabrication of our parts.  Hand built instruments were once considered the apogee of Lutherie.  Now they are almost non-existent.  To our knowledge, we are unique in offering fine hand-built ukuleles.  Instruments built with traditional hand tools have a very different look and feel from that of machined instruments.   Since today, they are such a rarity, some explanation is in order.                                                                                                                                                                                    The Foundation: When we speak of the foundation, we are talking about one of the most overlooked parts in the construction of a guitar family instrument - the neck joint.  All our instruments are built with an extended Spanish heel.   The Soundboard:    Our soundboards are a bit more substantial than how traditional Soprano Ukulele soundboards were once built and braced.  However, unlike typical practice today, our soundboards don’t get substantially heavier or change their bracing as the size increases.  This is what gives our larger instruments their quicker response and their ability to respond to light playing tension. Traditional Construction: Our traditional construction is typical of the practices in todays premium instruments.  Our necks are all reinforced with a carbon fiber truss rod, and our soundbox is built of all solid wood. Easy Care Construction:   This type of construction is unique to Southcoast.  It comes from the belief that an essential part of the Ukulele’s character is in its portability and carefree nature.  In today’s environment, this carefree element is lost in most climates due to the precautions necessary for the maintenance of the solid wood construction of the finer instruments.  We wanted to find a way to build that would bring back the carefree element of the Ukulele’s nature, but with a construction that would not in any way compromise our primary goal of great sound. We accomplish this through the combination of a Yellow Cedar Soundboard, a Portuguese Cypress lined back, stiffer side wood, and a laminated neck with dual truss rods.        
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