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Our Alto Largo Ukulele doesn’t stray too far from traditional Ukulele form and scale.  The body has the approximate volume of a traditional Concert Ukulele - another of the classic designs.   Again, however, we went with a longer scale.  The 17” scale is typical of a Tenor Ukulele, so at first glance, this instrument appears to be what is commonly referred to as a “longneck Concert”.  The first difference, however, is that this instrument was designed for this scale from the beginning.  It is not a longer fretboard stuck on a body designed for a “short-neck”.  As such, the proportions are more balanced. In function, it is indeed similar to those designs.  But as another example of how the instrument was designed as an integral unit, not as a typical “longneck”, we have a slightly different body shape.  By making the body just slightly shorter and slightly wider we have managed to both increase the primary vibrating area of the soundboard, while at the same time, increase the number of frets to the soundboard by one.  In other words, we have a bit more prime vibrating surface on our soundboard, and 16 frets to the body - typical of a cutaway - instead of the 15 frets to the body on a longneck Concert.  We also built this model with a flush fretboard, as the original Ukuleles and their cousins, the Cuatros Venezolanos are built.  A flush fretboard is very comfortable for strumming, although the long scale gives more range and clarity if you want to pick.  Whether picking, however, or playing chord progressions, a 17” scale and 16 frets to the body make this a true “player’s choice”.  While there are some other beautiful options available for this instrument, we consider this model to be perhaps the finest choice for today’s popular Ukulele reentrant Key of C.  With its relatively small “Ukulele size” body and sound, coupled with the added playing options of the longer scale, we feel this design will offer the the widest range of playing styles for those looking for the modern tradition in Ukulele sound.

the Alto Largo Ukulele - design & sound

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